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Even though photographs are very important in a wedding to create the famous wedding album, you need much more. The first look the couple has on their wedding day is a magical moment. Pictures can do a great job, but imagine if it was captured on film as well? Who wouldn’t want to watch the whole event in all its glory?

We believe, if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million. Because it combines the love, joy, affection, promise, and emotions in a timeless & priceless gem called a wedding film. And that’s what we specialize in. We have shot & crafted multiple wedding films, specially in Atlanta, GA.


Why Hire A Professional Videographer?

A pro videographer has the knowledge, experience, and expertise at his disposal. He knows all the important moments that should be captured and the way to do so. He has the right technique and understands the best angles to shoot videos. Moreover, he does the right editing to offer a cinematic effect.

While professional wedding photographers are total experts at capturing moments from your day, there are some things they can miss. Having a professional wedding videographer on the scene ensures you’ll get all the details from your day — wrapped up in one sweet video you can treasure for years to come.

Michael Crews - Radiant Sky Films


Founder & Lead Videographer  

His passion for storytelling began as a kid when playing elaborate story based video games. These complex tales of love, honor, and family laid the groundwork for a love of stories. Today, that love has blossomed into a passion for film and storytelling as seen through the wide variety of favorite films including: Casablanca, Amelie, 500 Days of Summer, High Fidelity…and of course all things Marvel.

Michael went on to study Filming at The University of Iowa. He further went on to study English Literature, expanding upon an already diverse story based background.


“If you’re looking for a professional, talented, artistic, honest and fair videographer, I highly recommend you contact Michael Crews with Radiant Sky Films.”

– Christina (Bride)   // Venue: Atlanta, GA

Wedding Videography Packages

Essentials Package $1300

Optional Upgrades

*Restrictions may apply.

Atlanta GA Wedding Videography

Commonly Asked Questions

This was the most common question asked by people in Atlanta. We have a full range of wedding film package that starts from $1300, which you might have seen above. There are also many add-ons you can customize your package with. Connect with us to know more details.

We have worked with many photographers. The way we create wedding films is a very non intrusive way, and we capture moments candidly. We leave the posing to the photographer, and our job is to capture the mood and touching moments of your wedding day, so when you watch it in 30 years, you can be transported right back to the day you said I do.

You don’t have to prepare for anything specifically for videography. Like we mentioned in earlier point, you would hardly notice the videographer. So, all you need to do is – live in the moment and enjoy the best day of your life 🙂


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